Here are some resources I find valuable - I hope you do too!
100 list - 100 things you bring :)

How to Breakup Brilliant Guide Book


Mind matters book: Mindful not mind-full! 

Psychic Hook Removal 

Red Card - manifest your partner 

22x11's - subconscious discovery 

Podcast - Huberman Lab: Sciency stuff made simple

Podcast - Esther Perel : Where should we begin and How's work? Relationship stuff

Book- Dr Joe Dispenza - Becoming Supernatural 

Movie/ Doco - E.Motion

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Who is JC?

"You are only one conversation away." JC is the author of the book 'We Need To Talk.' She is a resourceful ‘ideas’ person and has a unique ability to bring the right people, products & programs together to solve problems- fast. Over the past 20+ years, JC has built an award winning Health & Wellness centre, trained as a massage therapist and personal trainer, and is a Leaving Coach at her company, Breakup Brilliant: helping you 'breakup' with the relationships you have, to have the relationships you want.  She has a business coaching company Wellbusi and has been an MC at the MCG. JC is also a speaker & leader in the wellness tourism industry, has hosted speed dating, worked at major sporting events, coached kids hockey and has been on several TV commercials, series and movies. JC has facilitated corporate leadership wellness programs and is also an ambassador for a not for profit.

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